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Wealth Management

Wealth management is our high level service combining all aspects of your financial planning needs into one comprehensive program.

Our wealth management proposition starts with identifying what you really want to accomplish so you will feel that you’ve had a life well-lived.  When you think about it, no-one ever really wants their life to be all about their bank statements, their diversified portfolio or their tax efficient investment strategy.  What people really need to know is how these things make it possible to live the life they really want.

So, rather than focusing on facts and figures we initially want to spend time listening to your needs and aspirations so that we can help you align your finances with what’s really important to you.

From this point we can then create a financial plan that includes items such as-

  • Budgeting  – helping you to identify where money is wasted and  how you can allocate the right amounts to the right places
  • Emergency fund planning – ensuring you always have sufficient assets available for life’s little emergencies
  • Cash flow forecasts to establish if you’re on track to achieve your goals and, if not, what you need to do about it
  • Debt management – ensuring you are not paying more then you need to in interest payments and helping you to clear debt as quickly as possible
  • Protection assessment to help ensure you are fully protected against life’s catastrophes
  • Investment Analysis – identifying issues such as ‘is your investment portfolio suitable for the level of risk you are comfortable taking’?  What rate of return is required to help you achieve your goals?  Are your charges competitive and do the products you are using give you the flexibility you need in the most tax efficient way?
  • Retirement planning and tax efficient withdrawal strategies to ensure your retirement plans are on track to help you maintain your lifestyle in retirement
  • Estate planning to keep your wealth in your family when you’re no longer around

Our wealth management program also includes an ongoing monitoring program that keeps you on track.  Financial planning for the wealthy is not a one-off activity.  It’s a consistently monitored program that takes into account the progress of your plan, keeps an eye on legislation changes and gives you that peace of mind that everything is in good hands.

Our wealth management program is not just about your money; it’s about your life.

For a free initial consultation from one of our wealth management advisers email us at enquiries@idealfinancialmanagement.co.uk or call us on 01302 880140.

“Brian Butcher has helped us with our financial planning for several years now. Each year we go through a checklist to make sure we are doing the right things with our money. This has really helped us to progress financially and understand where we are in terms of achieving our goals”

Ryan Sidebottom, Professional Cricketer

“Absolutely amazing service. So helpful and proactive. I can’t thank the team enough especially Brian and Stephanie. Thank you so much for making such a stressful time much easier to manage.”

An Ideal Customer

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with Liane, couldn’t have asked for more, will be recommending her to friends and family.”

An Ideal Customer

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