Focused Financial Advice with our Wealth Management

//Focused Financial Advice with our Wealth Management

Focused Financial Advice with our Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Focused Financial Advice

  • Want independent financial advice but only in a particular area of concern?
  • Want advice that can be quantified and not just a process of guesswork?
  • Would you like your plans progress to be monitored on an annual basis?

If yes then our focused independent advice service is for you.

Covering areas such as university planning for children, investing for a specific purpose or retirement planning  we will use various software systems that allow us to identify what’s  required to help you achieve your goal. We can establish where you are now and then provide a ‘route map’ to direct you where you need to be – sort of like your financial sat nav system!

Let’s take retirement planning for example. From our experience, working with hundreds of clients over the years, we have discovered that many are ill prepared when it comes to retirement planning.

Whilst the majority of people have a vision of an early and comfortable retirement few have managed to plan their financial affairs sufficiently to make this achievable.

With retirement planning we can help you-

  • 1.Establish when you want to retire.
  • 2.Identify the income you will need in retirement to achieve the lifestyle you want.
  • 3.Know the growth rate required on your current pension to achieve it.
  • 4.Know the level of contribution required at a specific growth rate.

In fact, our aim is to help you take full control of your retirement planning so that you can look forward to a long and happy retirement.

Click here for more information and an example of our pension planning reports

For an initial discovery meeting with no obligation on either part call us on 01302 880140. We’d be happy to have a chat.


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